More than 2,000 years ago,there rose in present day Fujian Province a local kingdom of ethnic minority-the Minyue Kingdom mentioned in Sima Qian's famous History.When Emperor Qin Shihuang(the 1st Emperor of Qin Dynasty)united china,the King of Minyue was demoted as a tribalhead.So in Chen Sheng and Wu Guang's uprising towards the end of Qin Dynasty.Wuzhu,the king of Minyue,led his army to fight against Qin and then help Han to defeal Chu(kingdom).The Han won the war and united China again.In the 5th year of Han Dynasty(202 BC),Emperor Liu Bang reinstated Wuzhu as king of Minyue to resume his kingdom in the heart of Min(Fujian).The re-founding of Minyue kingdom turned the first page of Fujian's civilisation history.In nearly one century's time,the industrious and brave Minyue people,under the influence of the Central China's culture,had written a magnificent page in the history of Fujian.
Later on,Minyue Kingdom,independent in itself,annexed Dong'ou in the north,attacked Nanyue in the south and even defied ,the central Han Dynasty.As a result,in 110 BC,the kingdom was annibilated by Emperor Hanwu(Liu Che) 's army.Subsequently,Minyue sbujects were removed inland to the area between Huai Rivor and yangtze River,with its capital at the foot of Wuyi set on fire by the Han army and left in oblivion underneath the ground ever since.
Now the cultural relics of the old capital have been discovered,they bring to our face the scene of the fierce warring days and restore the vanished historical civilisation that had been long lost.